We have officially moved! Our new Sefton warehouse is now open.
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Mattys Catering Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial catering equipment & refrigeration. Some of the equipment we specialise in are commercial fridges, commercial freezers, commercial ovens, cake display fridges & Pass Through Dishwashers.

Meet the team

  • Meet Mathew Hanna our Managing Director (also known as Wikipedia). 

    Although he claims 'Mattys' has nothing to do with his name we all know that can't be a coincidence. Other than explaining why his name has only one T, he also oversees all sales & operations to ensure customers are getting what he likes to call the 'great customer experience'. 

  • Meet Mario Hanna our Sales Representative (also known as Marz). 

    Mario is an extremely hard working individual. His roles include initial sales enquiries, to the handling of the order and post-sales. He has a wonderful heart even when he forgets to buy his brother Mathew a present for his birthday for 26 years straight. No he is not related to Mario from the Super Mario brothers, however he does eat mushrooms occasionally. 


  • Meet Mary Hanna our Operations Manager. She's the actual Boss (also known as El Jefa, Daddy's Fave Child or just 'sis')

    Mary has a face that just makes you give in (reason why we're doing this). She handles all operational duties including at home hogging the TV and roasting you if you decide to wear skinny jeans.

  • Meet Porscha Hanna our Showroom Manager (also known as Posh Posh). 

    Porscha has been in the hospitality industry for over 35 years. She has combined all her years of experience with her bubbly personality (ruff) to being our showroom manager. She has received 'employee of the month' every month since Mattys establishment.

    Fun fact: Porscha also does Uber on weekends and has a 4.9/5 rating so far.