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'Food trucks' & 'Dark Kitchens' - COVID-19 Response.

FOOD TRUCKS will be able to operate on any land, at any time, providing they have the landowner's consent.


People can set up and operate a food delivery business in any existing commercial kitchen (DARK KITCHENS), providing they can abide by food safety standards and social distancing rules.


This comes from a new order that was released on the 31st of March 2020. The order has been created to help takeaway food and beverages industry by allowing businesses to adjust in these uncertain times. A lot of discussion is around so we thought we share the original document created by Hon. Rob Stoke so that we can share this information to the businesses who need to read it.


Environmental Planning and Assessment (COVID-19 Development - Takeaway Food and Beverages) Order 2020.


You can visit the original site on: