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Frequently Asked Questions



How long has Mattys been in business for? 
Since October 2014. 

How many showrooms does Mattys have? 
We have 1 showroom in Sydney at the moment, however we currently use many of our suppliers showrooms in other states to accomodate everyone across the country. 

Where does Mattys deliver to? 
We deliver Australia-wide. Metro cities are usually within 3 days but regional areas differ as many of the major freight companies use on-forwarders which a allocate a particular day to go into these regional towns. 

What is the Mattys Price Match Promise? 
The MPMP is our promise to the consumer that we will always price match the same item so you can shop with confidence. 

Do you sell to the public? 
Absolutely YES.



Who do I make a warranty claim with? Mattys or the manufacturer? 
Both. It's completely up to you. For a quicker response we suggest you directly contact the manufacturer to make a warranty claim or you can submit that information to us to send to the manufcaturer. 

Do technicians come out after-hours for a warranty call-out? 
Manufacturer's offices are usually opened mon-fri/9am-5pm and thats usually the time frame technicians go out to resolve any warranty issues. 

If I use my own technician will bill be compensated even if it's for a issue under warranty?
No. Manufacturer's do not pay the bill for other technicinans. 

Can I void my warranty?
Yes. If machines are not cleaned properly, used for the right applications, not connected properly or are not positioned as recommended by Manufacturer then it will be highly likely that warranty will be voided. E.g. a fridge that does have the condenser filter cleaned regularly. 



What payment methods are available at Mattys? 
We accept Direct Deposit, Credit Card (excluding Amex & diners club) and cheque. For cheque payments, items will not be delivered till the cheque has been fully cleared in our account. 

How can I place an order?

  • Online
  • Phone or via email, or you can
  • Visit our showroom

Stock availability?

We do try our best to update stock statuses on each item on our website but we do find that because it frequently changes we can be delayed some times so it's best to contact us over the phone or via email to check stock availability with one of our staff. 

Can I hold an item? 

Yes. A deposit will be required and depending on the item can very between 30-50% upfront. 

Can I pick up an order from your warehouse? 

Yes. But please check when it will be ready by speaking to one of our staff prior to coming in. 

Can I pay for the item once it arrives at my shop? 

No. Upfront payment required on all items prior to delivery as we use third-party freight companies. 

Can I return an item due to change-of-mind? 

Yes, however a restocking fee of up to 30% may apply including any delivery fees that will also be charged.



What is a standard delivery? 
Ground level and kerb-side. Shopping centre deliveries are made standard to the loading dock. Most freight companies do not deliver upstairs or inside a premises. If this does not work for you, please contact us so we can obtain a quote from a specialised freight service. 

Where does Mattys deliver to? 
We deliver Australia-wide. Metro cities are usually within 3 days but regional areas differ as many of the major freight companies use on-forwarders which a allocate a particular day to go into these regional towns. 

How much is delivery? 
This varies on the size/weight of the item and where it would be going to. Also some services offer with or without tail-gate lifts so this can affect the price as well. 

Does delivery include insurance?  
Not all freight companies quote with insurance. If you would like insurance on your freight please advise our staff so we can update this for you. If insurance is added then it will vary price. 

How long does delivery usually take? 
Metropolitan cities on the east coast are usually 2-3 business days. Other cities may be an extra day or two. ETA also depends on where stock is e.g. a fridge in Sydney going to Perth will take longer than an item going from Sydney to Melbourne. Regional areas also will expect delays as only particular freight companies do the local freight runs. Please keep in mind while most ETA's are reasonably accurate most of the times, they are only to be used as estimates. 

Does someone have to be present for delivery?
Yes. All items are to be signed for so someone must be present. Most freight companies cannot advise of specific time but usually can give some notice prior. If this not the case it's best to speak with one of our staff or to a representative of the freight company to find out when you can expect the delivery. 

Will the items fit through the door of my shop? 
Information including sizes and power ratings are provided to the customer generally beforehand or can be found on our website. Specifications sheets can always be requested prior to delivery. It is important for you as the customer to make sure that the items you are ordering can fit through the door or can be connected in your premises. As a retailer we would have no knowledge of your exact shop requirements so we would have no responsibility or control over this.