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Browse through a wide range of blenders from Matty’s Equipment. As the trusted business partners for restaurants, eateries and caterers, we have shipped our products everywhere from Melbourne to Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. Shop Now.

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22 Items

  1. -16%
    Hamilton Beach Blender BBN0250

    A$400.00 A$336.00 +gst

    (A$369.60 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$4.26 per week
  2. -16%
    Hamilton Beach Blender BBN1250S

    A$440.00 A$369.60 +gst

    (A$406.56 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$4.69 per week
  3. F.E.D. KS-767 Commercial 2 Litre Analogue Blender

    A$405.00 +gst

    (A$445.50 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$5.14 per week
  4. -15%
    F.E.D. KS-767 Commercial 2 Litre Analogue Blender

    A$489.00 A$415.65 +gst

    (A$457.22 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$5.28 per week
  5. -16%
    Hamilton Beach FURY Blender BBD0550

    A$1,100.00 A$924.00 +gst

    (A$1,016.40 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$11.73 per week
  6. -17%
    Vitamix Advance Drink Machine Blender VM10199

    A$1,184.00 A$982.24 +gst

    (A$1,080.46 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$12.47 per week
  7. -17%
    Vitamix Bar Boss Advance Blender VM10103

    A$1,195.00 A$991.20 +gst

    (A$1,090.32 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$12.58 per week
  8. -7%
    HAMILTON BEACH BBT0650 Tempest Blender

    A$1,120.00 A$1,037.00 +gst

    (A$1,140.70 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$13.16 per week
  9. -16%
    Hamilton Beach TEMPEST BLENDER - FOOD

    A$1,250.00 A$1,050.00 +gst

    (A$1,155.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$13.33 per week
  10. -17%
    Vitamix Vita-Prep 2Lt VM10089

    A$1,346.00 A$1,116.64 +gst

    (A$1,228.30 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$14.17 per week
  11. -15%
    F.E.D. Pro Commercial Smoothies Blender KS-10000

    A$1,319.00 A$1,121.15 +gst

    (A$1,233.27 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$14.23 per week
  12. -16%

    A$1,500.00 A$1,260.00 +gst

    (A$1,386.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$15.99 per week
  13. -20%
    Hamilton Beach BBE0750 Eclipse Blender

    A$2,080.00 A$1,672.00 +gst

    (A$1,839.20 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$21.22 per week
  14. -16%
    Hamilton Beach ECLIPSE BLENDER

    A$2,080.00 A$1,747.20 +gst

    (A$1,921.92 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$22.18 per week
  15. Hamilton Beach - FOOD BLENDER 990 - HBH0990

    A$1,790.00 +gst

    (A$1,969.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$22.72 per week
  16. -17%
    Vitamix On Counter 2HP Blender VM42009

    A$2,239.00 A$1,856.96 +gst

    (A$2,042.66 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$23.57 per week
  17. -16%
    Hamilton Beach SUMMIT BLENDER

    A$2,500.00 A$2,100.00 +gst

    (A$2,310.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$26.65 per week
  18. -17%
    Vitamix The Quiet One In Counter Blender VM51024

    A$2,668.00 A$2,213.12 +gst

    (A$2,434.43 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$28.09 per week
  19. -17%
    Vitamix Quiet One Countertop Blender VM50031

    A$2,668.00 A$2,213.12 +gst

    (A$2,434.43 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$28.09 per week
  20. -16%

    A$3,600.00 A$3,024.00 +gst

    (A$3,326.40 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$38.38 per week
  21. -16%
    Hamilton Beach QUANTUM BLENDER

    A$3,650.00 A$3,066.00 +gst

    (A$3,372.60 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$38.91 per week
  22. -17%
    Vitamix XL Food Blender 5.6L VM10203

    A$4,187.00 A$3,473.12 +gst

    (A$3,820.43 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$44.08 per week
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22 Items