Griddles and Hot Plates

Griddles and Hot Plates

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  1. -9%
    Roband G700 Griddle Hotplate

    A$1,089.00 A$990.00 +gst

    (A$1,089.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$12.57 per week
  2. -20%
    COOKRITE 610mm Griddle

    A$1,645.00 A$1,316.00 +gst

    (A$1,447.60 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$16.70 per week
  3. -26%
    LKKOB2C 1 Burner 300mm Hot Plate/Griddle

    A$2,100.00 A$1,550.00 +gst

    (A$1,705.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$19.67 per week
  4. -16%
    Goldstein GPGDB-12 Bench Top Gas Griddle

    A$2,369.00 A$1,990.00 +gst

    (A$2,189.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$25.26 per week
  5. -22%
    Baron 70FT/G400 Gas Bench Top Griddle Plate

    A$2,600.00 A$2,028.00 +gst

    (A$2,230.80 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$25.74 per week
  6. -26%
    LKKOB4B 2 Burner Griddle Hotplate

    A$2,800.00 A$2,060.00 +gst

    (A$2,266.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$26.15 per week
  7. -14%
    Goldstein GPGDB-12 Gas Griddle

    A$2,500.00 A$2,150.00 +gst

    (A$2,365.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$27.29 per week
  8. F.E.D. RGT-36 Gasmax 3 Burner Griddle

    A$2,310.00 +gst

    (A$2,541.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$29.32 per week
  9. -20%
    COOKRITE 910mm Griddle

    A$2,959.00 A$2,367.20 +gst

    (A$2,603.92 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$30.05 per week
  10. -37%
    F.E.D. JZH-TRG(P) Gasmax Flat Griddle

    A$4,144.00 A$2,600.00 +gst

    (A$2,860.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$33.00 per week
  11. -22%
    Baron 9FT/G400 Gas Bench Top Griddle Plate

    A$3,400.00 A$2,652.00 +gst

    (A$2,917.20 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$33.66 per week
  12. -28%
    LKKOB6A 3 Burner Griddle Hotplate

    A$3,700.00 A$2,660.00 +gst

    (A$2,926.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$33.76 per week
  13. -16%
    Goldstein GPGDB-24 Bench Top Gas Griddle

    A$3,265.00 A$2,743.00 +gst

    (A$3,017.30 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$34.82 per week
  14. -28%
    LKKTG6 2 Burner Gas Teppan Griddle

    A$3,900.00 A$2,800.00 +gst

    (A$3,080.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$35.54 per week
  15. -15%
    Goldstein GPG-30 Gas Benchtop Griddle

    A$3,280.00 A$2,800.00 +gst

    (A$3,080.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$35.54 per week
  16. -22%
    Baron 70FTT/G405 Gas Bench Top Griddle Plate

    A$3,600.00 A$2,808.00 +gst

    (A$3,088.80 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$35.64 per week
  17. -15%
    GOLDSTEIN GPGDB-24 Gas Griddle

    A$3,370.00 A$2,880.00 +gst

    (A$3,168.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$36.55 per week
  18. F.E.D. RGT-48 Gasmax 4 Burner Griddle

    A$2,952.00 +gst

    (A$3,247.20 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$37.47 per week
  19. -20%
    COOKRITE 1220mm Griddle

    A$3,775.00 A$3,020.00 +gst

    (A$3,322.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$38.33 per week
  20. -22%
    Baron 70FT/G800 Gas Bench Model Griddle Plate - 800mm

    A$3,900.00 A$3,042.00 +gst

    (A$3,346.20 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$38.61 per week
  21. -22%
    Baron 70FT/G820 Gas Bench Top Griddle Plate

    A$4,000.00 A$3,120.00 +gst

    (A$3,432.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$39.60 per week
  22. -28%
    LKKTG9 3 Burner Gas Teppan Griddle

    A$4,800.00 A$3,450.00 +gst

    (A$3,795.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$43.79 per week
  23. -22%
    Baron 9FTT/G405 Gas Bench Top Griddle Plate

    A$4,450.00 A$3,471.00 +gst

    (A$3,818.10 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$44.06 per week
  24. -17%
    GOLDSTEIN GPGDB-36 Gas Griddle

    A$4,400.00 A$3,630.00 +gst

    (A$3,993.00 incl. GST)

    Rent fromA$46.07 per week
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Items 1 TO 24 of 37 TOTAL